Month: April 2017

March Favourites

In March, aside from kpop, I started and finished some Korean and Chinese dramas.


I started watching ‘Missing Nine’ and ‘Tomorrow With You’ late last month. I haven’t seen much episodes yet but these two dramas are looking amazing so far. The mystery and suspense of ‘Missing Nine’ has hooked me and I found the time travel aspect of ‘Tomorrow With You’ very intriguing.

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So…first review!

K.A.R.D recently came back with their third pre-debut single, Rumor. The song has a reggaeton/afro-caribbean/latino feel and the music video has a look and feel that is similar to Oh NaNa and Don’t Recall, but at the same time, it has it’s own individuality.

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Hey there!

Hey there!

Hey there! I’m Ajamaine (or just Aje), I decided to start this blog because I wanted to give actual blogging a try.

As it says at the top of of the page kpop has taken over my life and I’m just trying my best to juggle work (daycare provider), school (new college student) and life (first time living away from my family and friends).

I”ll be writing reviews on new (and maybe some not so new) kpop music videos, I’ll be talking about my favourite groups, bands, and some kdramas here and there (maybe some Chinese ones as well!) and lastly, every month, I’ll make a post about my favourites for the month 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t be afraid to contact me! 🙂