March Favourites

In March, aside from kpop, I started and finished some Korean and Chinese dramas.


I started watching ‘Missing Nine’ and ‘Tomorrow With You’ late last month. I haven’t seen much episodes yet but these two dramas are looking amazing so far. The mystery and suspense of ‘Missing Nine’ has hooked me and I found the time travel aspect of ‘Tomorrow With You’ very intriguing.

I also finished an adventure/thriller Chinese show last month called ‘Candle In The Tomb’ (based on the novel, “The Ghost Blows Out The Light”). It was extremely addictive from start to finish with lovable and charismatic characters and its exciting storyline. It did dip down in action around the middle of the show because or a couple of episodes, it was just them crossing a desert, but it still managed to keep me interested with the myths and all the trials the characters faced. This show is part of a series and the next installment is coming out later this year and is called ‘The Weasel Grave’ which is gonna be a prequel.

Last, but not least, I started Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and I must say, it’s a not better than I thought it would be. I took a break from watching it because I got busy but within the few episodes I’ve watched, so much has gone on and I must say, it’s a very good drama. I was hooked after episode one. It’s a historical fantasy drama (also based on a book) with the quintessential good and evil and the complex love triangle (if I can even call it that). I’m still in the process of watching it, so I can’t say much (I might say something and it might get proven wrong in some later episode) but I must say, so far, it’s a very good drama, with an excellent story line, beautiful costumes and sets and wonderful characters.


GOT7- Never Ever + Flight Log: Arrival
After much waiting, my babies came back! I was waiting so long for this song and album (I bought it as soon as I could). I was hoping that this single would have a different sound than ‘Hard Carry’ because I wasn’t really feeling that one at first. But, as always with GOT7, they manage to surprise me. ‘Never Ever’ sounded amazing and the entire video looked so beautiful, and as usual, my boys killed it with their talent. :). Each song on the album was really good too. As I was listening to it, I remember saying how great each song was. To be honest, I probably listened to the album 3 times that night.

Seven O’ Clock- Echo
Echo was this group’s debut single and I was completely blown away. I honestly didn’t expect it to be that good. The song was wonderful and the beat had me dancing along to it. These boys have such amazing vocals, that you would’ve thought that they were a group that’s been around for a couple years already. I totally recommend checking them out to see if they’re your cup of tea.

Highlight- Plz Don’t Be Sad
Beast is back under a new name. While they released two songs in March, I found myself liking this one more because of its upbeat music and colourful and enjoyable music video. I found myself watching this video over and over again but to watch Kikwang’s killer facial expressions and because of that, the song quickly got stuck in my head. The groups’s style of music hasn’t changed; only their name. They still make the great music that they’re known for.

Monsta X- Beautiful
My boys of Monsta X are also my babies (that must be protected) and they came back with an amazing song this time (again, like with GOT7, I wasn’t really feeling ‘Fighter’ at first, but it grew on me). ‘Beautiful’ is reminiscent of Monsta X’s signiture sound and it more resembles ‘All In’ than it does ‘Fighter’.  I love the entire song and my boys slayed it, from the lyrics to the dancing. And speaking of the dancing; it was absolutely perfect, especially that move they did where they passed along their jackets. They even did an acoustic version of the song which was equally wonderful.

K.A.R.D-Don’t Recall (Hidden Ver.)
I said this before about K.A.R.D, they are a great group that I can see doing well both in South Korea and internationally. ‘Don’t Recall (Hidden Ver.)’ the English version of their second pre-debut single that they dedicated to their international fans and it just goes to show how talented they are. Only one member is fluent in English yet they all sang this song in English (but B.M rapped J.seph’s verse). Again, this group has the potential to be big worldwide with these great songs they’ve been releasing.

Blanc7- Yeah
Another debut from March. My first thought when I say this group pop up on Youtube was “why is their name so similar to GOT7?” and being totally honest, I clicked on it because of the similarity, but I was very happy that I did. I didn’t really watch the music video because I got a bit distracted while it was playing but I did thoroughly enjoy the song. For days after I heard it, the chorus would just be constantly playing in my head. I hope this group does well, and I encourage you guys to give the song a listen.

Honourable Mentions

Brave Girls- Rollin’
Produce 101 Season 2- Pick Me
B.A.P- Wake Me Up
Day6- How Can I Say


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