April Favourites


I didn’t start any new dramas this month, I just continued watching those I started in March (mostly just Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms). I did however, start a show I’ve been hunting for since forever. It’s Called Potato Star 2013QR3, it’s super hilarious but it has its sad and serious moments. It stars Go Kyung-Po and at first that was the only reason I wanted watch it but as I watched, the other characters grew on me quickly. Potato Star has a lot more episode than your regular kdrama (120 to be exact) but the episodes are short so it shouldn’t take too long to finish if you do decide to watch it.


Winner- Really Really + Fool
After waiting for so long for a Winner comeback, I was blessed with these two masterpieces. The two songs however, are on two completely different levels. ‘Really Really’ is an upbeat song while ‘Fool’ is more of a ballad (but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other, of course). The music video for ‘Really Really’ was shot entirely in black and white and featured female dancer (who weren’t all Korean) and the dancing and overall vibe of the video was fun and lighthearted. On the other hand, ‘Fool’ followed a storyline and had a much more sadder tone. It featured the boys in their own situations but in the end, you saw that all the different storylines came together. The visual effects were stunning as well. I’d like to be biased and say that the parts featuring Jinwoo had the best effects, but to be honest, the effects throughout the video were truly wonderful.

Dreamcatcher- Good Night
‘Good Night’ follows up where ‘Chase Me’ left off therefore it also had that horror/mystery theme which I haven’t really ever seen from the other girl groups that i follow. Also, just like ‘Chase Me’, this song has that rock and roll/Japanese rock sound that makes it sound like if it was meant to be the opening or closing song for an amine! Overall, I really love this song and this group and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

EXID- Night Rather Than Day
For a long time after this song came out, I had never seen the music video. I watched it for the first time last night. When it came out, I immediately downloaded the song and had it on replay for DAYS. I can’t really say much about the video right now, because I only watched it once and I was distracted by now pretty my girls looked and the colours of the video but I can say that the song was absolutely wonderful; nothing but greatness from EXID. ‘Night Rather Than Day’ was different than their recent singles though; it sounded a lot more like ‘Will You Take Me’ from their album ‘Street‘, which is another song that I really like from them.

K.A.R.D- Rumor
They did it again. I recently did a review on this song so you can go check that out for my thoughts on it, but today they surprised me again! They released a hidden version of ‘Rumor’ and it features another lady dancing with them. In the comments it says that it’s their choreographer, Z.Sun and she’s choreographed all of their dances. Before I read the comments, a friend of mine and I were talking about what if she’s a new member that’ll be part of the final lineup for K.A.R.D, but I guess we were wrong



Honourable Mentions

Day6- I’m Serious
Ten- Dream In A Dream
BLACK6IX- Please
Zico- She’s A Baby


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