Triple H- 365 Fresh Review

Triple H- 365 Fresh Review

This is late, but better late than never, right?

SO, Triple H is a new group formed by CUBE that features Hyuna and E-Dawn and Hui from Pentagon. It’s an interesting mix that I never would have thought of but it works and it works really well.

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I loved the style of the music and the aesthetic of the video won me over immediately. I was there singing “F.R.E.S & H, so fresh!” over and over again after I heard it the first time. The music itself gave off that Bruno Mars/funky feel that I think worked super well for them.

The music video started out with each member in some sort of trouble or facing some sort of dilemma. Hui’s on the run from some street thugs (loan sharks maybe?) and is eventually cornered and beat up (that’s what he gets for goading them on); Hyuna works in a barber shop and is shaving a guy when he tries to feel her up she tries to defend herself, but the guy’s stronger…or so we think, she pushed him hard enough to where he hit his head on the counter then died; and E.Dawn is suicidal (and possibly depressed to? idk) and he comes super close to killing himself too, thankfully, he ripped the bag open.

After Hui gets beaten up, he goes to a club and steals the keys for some girl’s car, meanwhile, Hyuna is desperately trying to clean up the blood before she runs away and starts freaking out over what just happened and almost gets ran over by Hui. Together, they run into E.Dawn (who gets hit by their car and beat up by Hui, but they all end up riding together anyway). They even find a bag full of cash in their trunk and went and partied it up! We also see little kisses between E.Dawn and Hyuna and Hui’s always splitting them up or catching them in the act (jealous maybe?)

In the end, they’re being chased by the police and get cornered by a bridge then they all hold hands and jump.

…Wow…that’s a lot packed into one video but I loved the storyline (I love any kpop m/v that has a storyline).

Overall, I loved it, from the music to the video and everything in between. I can’t wait to see what’s next from them. Will they keep up with this theme and style of music or will they surprise us with something new?

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