≖May Favourites≖

I was considering skipping this month because I didn’t really get the chance to listen to a lot of kpop or watch a lot if drama because I recently started college (future doctor!)

(I haven’t listened to Sistar’s new song either. My heart refuses to believe that they’re disbanding. All my faves have been disbanded, like History and the The Legend)


I only started one drama this month (My Secret Romance) and I’ve been watching one that I started since last year (The Princess Weiyoung). I haven’t really gotten to really watch them though because of school but so far. I must say as well, that My Secret Romance is really good (even though I’ve only seen episode 1 so far).

My Secret Romance

The Princess Weiyoung - 锦绣未央


≗Triple H- 365 Fresh≗
I recently did a review on this amazing song that you can check out here!
≗PSY- I Luv It + New Face≗
PSY’s back at it again with two new amazingly funny songs. New Face  is a gem; a pure gem. Apink’s Naeun was an amazing addition as well. the dance is hilarious and addictive as with true PSY fashion. For me, the best part of the entire video was PSY acting as basically everyone! on the other hand, I wasn’t feeling I Luv It as much as New Face (probably because I saw new Face first), but I Luv It is equally awesome. the cameos by Pikotaro and Lee Byung-Hun added to the overall craziness that makes the video great! I especially loved Lee Byung-hun’s dancing. It was fun to see him acting like that when I’ve only ever seen him acting serious.

≗Twice- Signal≗
To be very honest, I wasn’t feeling this song when I first heard it and i thought the video was weird. Just like Red Velvet’s Rookie, my expectations were wayyyyyy too high, but just like Rookie, I grew to love this song. It’s a really cute song with a really cute story line. I especially loved how each member had their own power and the cute dance from the chorus. This song had me doing the “jjirit jjirit” dance for WEEKS.

≗VIXX- Shang-ri La≗
MY KINGS OF CONCEPTS AND AESTHETICS! THEY DID IT AGAIN! VIXX never EVER fails to disappoint me and with every new song from them, I reach a new level of shook. I love the integration of the fans into the choreography. I have way too much to say about this video but I feel like if my words would not do any justice so watch the video for yourself and enjoy the visual experience!

≗iKon- Bling Bling + B-Day≗
I’ve been waiting so long  for an iKon comeback and YG did not disappoint. The craziness and hilarity I associate with iKon was not left out of these two videos. The videos we amazing (the bees from B-Day confused me a bit, but this a kpop, weird things are normal). I really like Bling Bling too…like really,really like it. (especially Bobby’s verse), and don’t even get me started on my baby Chanwoo, he slayed my existence once again, but he needs more lines. #GiveChanwooMoreLines2k17

Honourable Mentions:
Got7- My Swagger
Seventeen- Don’t Wanna Cry
KNK- Sun, Moon, Star
MAP6- I’m Ready
Day6- Dance Dance



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