Unfinished K-Dramas

Unfinished K-Dramas

I think I’ve spoken about this before, but there’s dramas that I’ve started but I can never ever bring myself to finish them, no matter how hard I try! It’s not that I started them then decided I don’t like the plot or I grew uninterested. It’s more like, I love it so much; I don’t want it to end! (Does that make sense?)

Like, I start them, get suuuuper invested in them, then when I’m almost done, I just stop watching. I know how it ends (because sometimes my friends spoil them) but I still don’t ever want to watch the last couple episodes. Or sometimes, I’m happily binge watching a show, then something bad happens or something bad is about to/might happen and I don’t wanna get sad or angry, so I just stop watching. (Is that weird?)

Here are some examples:

Boys Over Flowers

Image result for boys over flowers

It’s Okay, That’s Love

Image result for thats ok thats love

My Love From Another Star

Image result for love from the star

Let’s Drink (Drinking Solo)

Image result for drinking solo

Missing Nine

Image result for missing nine

Substitute Princess

Image result for substitute princess

The Princess Weiyoung

Image result for princess weiyoung

I have gotten to at least halfway for each of these dramas and then just suddenly stopped. Like with Boys Over Flowers and My Love From the Stars, I know how both of them end, but I just refuse to finish them (I recently started to watch Boys Over Flowers again though). With Let’s Drink and Missing Nine, I got into a good rhythm of watching them everyday and I had almost finished Let’s Drink as well but one day, I didn’t get to watch it and I had just never continued. With Substitute Princess, I started watching it with a friend at a sleepover and we made a promise that we wouldn’t watch it without each other because it became a tradition to watch it at our sleepovers, so I haven’t watched it since.

(Talking about these dramas makes me want to go and binge them right now though…)


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