July Favourites

July Favourites

Well,yet another month has passed (the days are just going by so quickly these days). Now it’s time for another round of favourites!


File:Circle (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

So I finished Circle: Two Worlds Connected earlier in July and all I have to say is WOW. It. Was. Amazing! I really don’t want to spoil anything, I’m afraid that if I say the littlest thing, then I might spoil it for someone. So all I’m gonna say is that you should watch this TvN drama and be prepared for the plot twists (P.S: all TvN dramas are good and you guys should check them out when you get the chance)

File:Bride of the Water God 2017-CP.jpg

I recently started The Bride of the Water God: Habaek, but I haven’t really been watching it because I prefer to watch dramas after there’s a bunch of episodes or if all the episodes have already been released. So for now, I’m just taking my time and waiting for more episodes to build up (I’m not in the business of waiting each week for new episodes)

File:Signal (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

Also, I started Signal (another TvN drama; seriously, they’re really good). The premise is that Park Hae Young (Lee Je-Hoon), a police profiler in the year 2015, starts receiving transmissions on a radio (that’s decades old and shouldn’t be working). The transmissions are from Lee Jae-Han (Cho Jin-Woong), a police officer in the 80’s/90’s and together, they try to solve cold cases (my description sucks, I’m sorry)

File:The Flu - Korean Movie-p1.jpg

I also watched two movies, The Flu and Kim Seondal: The Man Who Sold the River. I don’t think I can do these movies justice with my lame descriptions, but I will say that they’re both really good movies. The Flu, (featuring Jang Hyuk, Soo Ae & Park Min-Ha), is about an outbreak of a flu in Bundang caused by an illegal immigrant. Kim Seondal, (featuring Yoo Seung-Ho, Ko Chang-Seok, Ra Mi-Ran & EXO’s Xiumin), is about a genius swindler who tries to deceive the most powerful man by selling him a river.

File:Seondal- The Man Who Sells the River-p2.jpg


BTS- Come Back Home

So this song is a remake of a Seo Taeji & Boys for their 25th anniversary. This song was amazing (of course it was), but the music video was very interesting as well. New lyrics were added to the song as well and the music video emulated the BTS style of having inspirational messages. The boys of BTS weren’t featured in the video either; instead, there were young people going through life’s troubles.

Red Velvet- Red Flavour

One of the things Red Velvet does best is release fun summer songs and Red Flavour was no exception. It was a fun, upbeat song with a kooky video that just screams Red Velvet. The first ten seconds of the song would have you hooked and you’ll be stuck singing it for the rest of the summer. The only thing I found weird about it was that they were interviewing fruit 😅 but this is kpop and nothing should phase me anymore.

ONE- heyahe

I was anticipations so much and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I remember when I first saw ONE, in the video for 1PUNCH’s Turn Me Back. TBH, I really wanted to see more from this duo, my they ran their course and now they’ve both released music of their own. I was so happy when YG decided to sign him because I knew he’d fit in just well at YG Ent. The video and song for heyahe was just so pleasing in every way possible and I loved all of the visual effects as well 💯

Zico- ANTI ft. G-Soul 

There’s never gonna be a song from Zico that I don’t like and ANTI was no exception and it was just made better by having G.Soul’s sweet vocals. There’s so much happening in the video that I know what’s going on exactly but at the same time, I feel like if I’m missing something (I won’t confuse you guys with my stupid understanding of the video either 😅) but if you haven’t seen or heard this song, then you should definitely give this, and Artist, a listen 😊

Jessi- Gucci

My girl Jessi is back at it again with another killer rap song. She’s definitely on of my favourite rappers, both in and out of kpop. The entire song is fun and you can tell that she was enjoying herself during this comeback. Did you see her live performances? She looked sooo happy to be performing on music shows :’). So go and show my girl Jessi some love

EXO- Ko Ko Bop

“Shimmy shimmy Ko Ko Bop. I think I like that~”. That will forever and always be stuck in my head. Being very honest, I wasn’t feeling this comeback from the teasers. I felt like if SM was pushing EXO to do the most and I felt like if their Lotto comeback was just yesterday (I was also being salty because Lay wasn’t gonna be promoting with them this time), but I decided to give the song a listen and I’m so happy I gave it a chance. I love the reggae vibe and the beat drops and the dancing…I could go on forever 😅. I also watched them on Knowing Bros., and I really forgot how much I love seeing EXO on variety shows; I felt like I was sent back to 2014, when I was really getting into kpop and I had just come across EXO (and I was smitten) and I remembered all the fun times from EXO Showtime. :”)

K.A.R.D- Hola Hola

They’ve finally debuted! I’m so happy for them! I really expected something a little bit different because this really seemed like their previous songs but I can’t find it in my heart to hate on K.A.R.D. It was a song that got so well into summer and it was a great debut song. I was also blown away by my girl Jiwoo and her rap 😁. But this is a great song, it had a great video and I wish K.A.R.D all the best in the future!

Stella Jang- Vanishing Paycheque

Now, this song was released back in April, but I just heard it this month (I’m mad at myself for not finding this earlier), but, it’s a great song with a great melody and awesome lyrics. I love songs like this. For some reason, this song reminds me of Ivy Levan’s music, but just not as flambouyant (if that’s even the right word to use there). It’s like if Charli XCX or Lana Del Rey sang an Ivy Levan song; like pop meets indie meets jazz meets soul. (I’m not comparing these women at all, I’m just saying that I get the same vibe from their music). Also, I connect with this song on a spiritual level because my paycheques always vanish after I’m done with my bills)

Honourable Mentions

Bang Yongguk- Yamazaki

Day6- Hi Hello

Xiumin & Mark- Young & Free

ONE- Gettin’ By

Zico- Artist

Dreamcatcher- Fly High

Monsta X- Newton

JJ Project- Tomorrow, Today

Jay Park- Yacht ft. Sik-k


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