Kpop Faves of 2016 [Male Edition]

Kpop Faves of 2016 [Male Edition]

Hey there, I decided to write about my faves of 2016! This is part 2 to the post I made a few days ago. (I have been procrastinating like crazy with this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

Also, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! (I’m 18 now, so I decided to stop being lazy and finally post this)

Note: my words can’t do justice to any of these songs so if my description sound sucky, I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

2PM- [Promise (I’ll Be)|]

There’s something about this song that I just love but I can’t seem to put my finger on it. It’s great all round and Taecyeon’s rap in this has got to be my favourite raps from him.

Astro- Hide & Seek

SUCH A CUTE SONG! If you ask IngeA, she’ll tell you how much a talk about this song and how much I love Astro (Inge, #StopSleepingOnASTRO2k17). This is such a feel good song and probably the best Astro song (to me at least)

B.A.P- Skydive

All I have to say is ‘what the serious heck’ B.A.P? First you hit me with One Shot and now you you come back at me with Skydive? My baby Jongup, how could you do that? But in all honesty, this is a great song and the mv has a great storyline. (TS Entertainment, when are we gonna see Daehyun in a drama?)

Block B Bastarz- Make It Rain

I MAKE IT RAIN! Block B Bastarz is a great subunit and the three members blend well together. And Make It Rain really showcases that.

Beast- Ribbon

B2ST; one of the greatest kpop groups I know of. They were also one of my first groups and all of their songs are great but Ribbon makes it on to the list of my favourite Beast songs ever.

Big Bang- Fxxk It

One of BigBang’s last songs before mandatory enlistment and in usual BigBang fashion, the song is an absolute masterpiece.

Block B- Toy

There was something about this song that just had me singing it constantly and sometimes I’d just catch myself humming along to it. It’s one of those songs that gets in your head and never leaves

BtoB- Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)

I wasn’t really interested in this song at first and I didn’t listen to it when it came out. I first heard it when I was catching up a n Weekly Idol and when I heard it, I had to scold myself for now listening to it sooner because it’s a great song with great vocals.

BTS- Stigma

My baby did an amazing job with his solo. I found myself listening to it everyday for WEEKS. Everything about it is amazing

Day6- Letting Go

There will never be a DAY6 song I don’t love. Letting go had this sound that made me want to listen to it on repeat for DAYS. And then Young K’s rap just left me completely SHOOK

EXO- Monster

My favourite EXO song. Hands down. I don’t even remember when I truly fell in love with this song, all I know if I’ve been singing it since the day I heard it

Got7- Fly

One of my favourite songs of 2016. It came out so early in the year that when I was making this list, I honestly had to check which year it came out. I’ve been jamming to this song for such a long time that I thought it came out in 2015 :sweat_smile:

Imfact- Feel So Good

Imfact’s comeback song. TBH, while I liked their debut song, I wasn’t feeling it that much and I wished that for their comeback, they would try something different AND BOY DID THEY. They left me with my weave snatched by the end of the song.

Infinite- The Eye

Easily one of my favourite Infinite songs ever, every time I hear a new song from Infinite, I ask myself “how is it that they just keep getting better?” I love everything in this song, even down to the little ad-libs that they threw in

Jay Park- Me Like Yuh

I remember scrolling through Reddit to see if there were any new kpop songs one day and as I was scrolling I saw this song an as soon as I saw the title, I knew I was gonna love it. And when I listened to it, I fell in love with Jay Park even more. I love love love the type of music the song has. It reminded me of some of the music I grew up listening to on the Caribbean

KNK- Knock

My favourite KNK song of all time. The chorus got stuck on my head for like two months and I used to try my best to learn the whole dance (I failed because I can’t dance :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

Monsta X- Stuck

Once again, this song has made it into a list I’ve made and there’s nothing more I can say expect listen to this amazing song and #StanMonstaX2k17

NCT- Without You

Out of all the NCT songs of 2016, this one spoke to me the most and it just stuck with me. It’s my favourite NCT song (along with Baby Don’t Like It). My favourite line has got to be “Take my hand, draw a circle, this is how much we have together” I don’t know why but I find it absolutely beautiful

Seventeen- Very Nice

This song is so dang catchy! The amount of times I caught myself singing “AJU NICE!” cannot be counted. Seventeen always makes songs that are catchy as hell like this one.

SHINee- Prism

My favourite song off of the 1 of 1 album. It’s such a soothing and catchy song to listen to and I absolutely love Onew’s voice in the beginning

UP10TION- Attention

This is an amazing song song from an amazing group. And it’ll make you feel happy so give it a listen :blush: (as JRE always says: listen to kpop, it feels good)

VIXX- Fantasy

Yo, this song Blew. Me. Away when I first heard it. But that’s to be expected from the kings of concepts. The song is great. The mv is great. The dance is great. In short, VIXX is just a great group.

Winner- Immature

Out of all the songs on their EXIT:E album this one stuck with me for one reason. When I first heard it, I thought Seunghoon said “I wanna be a pedo pants” do I had to keep listening to it to find out what he was actually saying :joy: and the more I listened to it the more I loved it.


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