December Favourites

December Favourites

Ok, soas I said in the previous post, this is like a filler to make up for me missing two months and for not updating in general, so this is only gonna be a list of kpop songs (again, I’m so sorry)

I was going to update in December, but after the news of Jonghyun’s passing, I felt detached and I wanted some time alone. I only posted my thoughts and feelings about his passing on Kpop Amino and Tumblr, and I felt that that was enough in terms of posting. I still can’t let go of the fact that he’s gone but I will continue to remember him for all the times he made me smile, laugh, feel warm inside or made he feel happy in general. You did well Jonghyun and you will be missed.

If anyone has any ideas on what I should do on in 2018, please leave a comment and I’d add it to my list of ideas!

Honourable Mentions

Rain- Gang

GOT7- You Are

GOT7- Teenager



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