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October Favourites

October Favourites

So in October, I didn’t watch anything new, like at all. I haven’t had the time. I’ve been looking for an apartment plus a new car PLUS I’ve been doing driving lessons. Add all of that to college work and two jobs. I haven’t watched or continued any k-dramas. I have started to watch Hello Counselor again though. But I did listen to a good bit of kpop! (it has been my only escape for October)

Now onward with the blog!


Nu’est W- Where You At

I’m mad at myself for not listening to this as soon as it came out! This is a straight bop! I didn’t listen to it until November. It’s a really great song with a super catchy chorus. It got stuck in my head immediately and the beat just wormed its way into my brain and took up permanent residence. I wish all the best for Nu’est and all of their members and Nu’est W!

SF9- O Sole Mio

Now…before this song, I wasn’t really into SF9. The only song I had heard from them was their debut song and I wasn’t really too much into that either, but O Sole Mio really caught me. I loved the Latin beats and the use of something other than English in their song. the music video had a certain charm to it too. I loved the cinematography and the colours plus the choreography was absolutely lovely!

Up10tion- Going Crazy

Classic Up10tion. There isn’t a song from them that I do not like. But honestly, I never thought that any song could knock Attention out from being my favourite Up10tion song, but then Going Crazy came along and did the impossible! It’s a really great song. It may not have been as amazing or out there as other songs that were released this month, but it quickly rose to the top of my charts and I would listen to it every single day.

Taemin- Move

Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of how much I love this song, I just wanna say that I’ve never actually seen the music video so I don’t have anything to say about that. I’ve only ever watched the dance practice, and I think that that’s where I truly fell in love with this song. The choreo is so smooth and sensual and then coupled with the song itself, the entire thing is a masterpiece that I think only Taemin is capable of doing. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you how much I love and talk about this song (they’re probably fed up of hearing me talk about it and saying how much it reminds me of something Michael Jackson would release…hehe). But believe you me, it really is a smooth and relaxing song and it’ll put you in a calm mood whenever you listen to it!

(Also Taemin’s back with that classic Striped shirt from the Lucifer dance practice)

Odd Eye Circle- Loonatic (Eng. Ver.)

So far, with LOONA, I’ve really been loving the songs they realeased; especially Kim Lip’s Eclipse, and Jinsoul’s Singing in the Rain. So I was excited to hear from their new sub-unit…but being very honest, while I do like them, Girl Front and Sweet Crazy Love aren’t really my cup of tea. But then I heard the English version of Loonatic, and my mind was instantly changed. I felt so bad for doubting that these three girls would make a good sub-unit. The song is so addictive and catchy! I find myself singing it over and over again. This is another song that has found its permanent home in my music library.

Stray Kids- Hellevator

Stray Kids instantly won my heart! I really do look forward to what’s next for these boys (I don’t want to watch the tv show. Those kind of shows have broken my heart one too many times in the past and so now, I’d rather wait until it’s over to see the final line up). Hellevator was an insta-hit for me. The song, the dance, the choreo, EVERYTHING, was just perfect! And, as per usual with JYP music videos, the lyrics were there in English and if you read them, they’re really deep and empowering. If you listen to the song and/or read the lyrics, you’d get what I mean.

Kris Wu- Deserve ft. Travis Scott

Now, I know this isn’t a kpop song and I know that Kris isn’t Korean either, but I’m including it here because he used to be in EXO and I love this song A LOT. I love trap music and so it was a given that I’d love this song too…BUT THEN HE HAD TRAVIS SCOTT FEATURING ON THE SONG AND I WAS JUST SHOOK! I would listen to ANYTHING that Travis Scott is in. The two of them together was just…wow. I highly recommend that you give this song a listen!

Honourable Mentions

Seventeen (Hip-Hop Team)- Trauma

Seventeen (Performance Team)- 13 Month Dance

JBJ- Fantasy

pH-1- Donut ft. Jay Park

Keith Ape, Ski Mask, The Slump God- Achoo!

Twice- Likey

Day6- When You Love Someone

September Favourites

September Favourites

Hey there everyone! So last month, I didn’t start or continue any dramas (I plan to do that this month). The only thing relating to kdramas that I did in September, was watch the trailer for Andante



So my busy schedule became even busier (and it’s gonna be getting even more busy from tomorrow), but I did manage to get some kpop in last month!

BLACK6IX- Like A Flower

BLACK6IX is definitely a great rookie group but they’re severely underrated. I don’t even think they’re up for a MAMA 2017 award this year, which is a real shame. Like A Flower, is a really great song. It’s super chill and a great listen. It’s guaranteed to always have you in a positive mood.

EXO- Power

So…EXO’s Power…after hearing Ko Ko Bop, I was super hyped for this and then I heard the audio and I was just in love, but then I saw the video 😂. I’m not gonna lie, I love the video, it was so fun and enjoyable but the first time I saw it, I couldn’t follow along, it was just a lot to take in at once but it was really enjoyable.

Sik-K + pH-1 + Jay Park- iffy

My mans out here winning the game. Iffy is a hit and no one can tell me otherwise. THe song was awesome. The music video was awesome. Sik-k, pH-1 and Jay Park were all awesome. That little dance they did was super cute and super fun as well. (Sik-k also needs to stop coming for me with his fine-ass, cute-ass self 👀)


Out of all the songs here, I have to say I like this one the least. It’s a great song and I really do love it, but it was so overly hyped that 1. the hype turned me off and 2. it made me expect Big Bang level music and while it was good, it wasn’t blow my mind amazing. HOWEVER, my mans Tae full out S LA Y E D M Y EX I S T E N C E with his deep ass voice and his neck touches 🤤 and then Suga’s smile melted my heart and gave me life at the same time.

Sik-K- Get That Money

 I swear, if my man don’t win something this year, imma be vex. He isn’t even up for a MAMA award. But oh well, I still love him, award or not and those couple of songs he released this year just shot me out of the park. This was definitely his year. Get That Money was a banger for me. I especially loved the music itself and the simplicity of the music video.

Honourable Mentions


Gikwang- What You Like

Day6- I Loved You

Odd Eye Circle (LOOΠΔ)- Girl Front

Sik-K- Your Night

P.O- Men’z Night

Sik-K- Earphone



♫My Thoughts♫

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with K.A.R.D. It hasn’t even been a week since they debuted but I can safely say that I’m a fan (aka, I’m trash :sweat_smile:).

I was actually trying to stay away from comebacks and debuts since I’ve been busy (but BIGBANG came back so…yh)

But back to K.A.R.D, their debut single was absolutely fantastic. Oh NaNa has the kind of beat and vibe that I love and the dancing was superb (plus my girl Youngji is there :grin:)

I wish nothing but the best for this group and I can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

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