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My Favourite Girl Groups

My Favourite Girl Groups

This might be long :sweat_smile:

(In alphabetical order)

I’ll include my favourite song from each group as well.


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Kpop Faves of 2016 [Female Edition]

Kpop Faves of 2016 [Female Edition]

Hey there, I decided to write about my faves of 2016! (there’ll be a part two of this in another post)

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March Favourites

In March, aside from kpop, I started and finished some Korean and Chinese dramas.


I started watching ‘Missing Nine’ and ‘Tomorrow With You’ late last month. I haven’t seen much episodes yet but these two dramas are looking amazing so far. The mystery and suspense of ‘Missing Nine’ has hooked me and I found the time travel aspect of ‘Tomorrow With You’ very intriguing.

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