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December Favourites

December Favourites

Ok, soas I said in the previous post, this is like a filler to make up for me missing two months and for not updating in general, so this is only gonna be a list of kpop songs (again, I’m so sorry)

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Create Your Own Group Challenge

Create Your Own Group Challenge

Hello there everyone! I’ve been seeing a lot of these challenges and I had no clue others made up their own groups so I decided to share a group I thought up of some time ago!¬†:blush:

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August Favourites

Hey there everyone! This is late (by my standards, at least), but I got backed up with schoolwork But let’s get straight into it!


Save Me-p1.jpg

So, apart from completely ignoring all the other dramas I started (I swear I have a commitment problem), I started a new drama that I just happened to chance upon. It’s called¬†Save Me. Continue reading “August Favourites”