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♫My Thoughts♫

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with K.A.R.D. It hasn’t even been a week since they debuted but I can safely say that I’m a fan (aka, I’m trash :sweat_smile:).

I was actually trying to stay away from comebacks and debuts since I’ve been busy (but BIGBANG came back so…yh)

But back to K.A.R.D, their debut single was absolutely fantastic. Oh NaNa has the kind of beat and vibe that I love and the dancing was superb (plus my girl Youngji is there :grin:)

I wish nothing but the best for this group and I can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

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July Favourites

July Favourites

Well,yet another month has passed (the days are just going by so quickly these days). Now it’s time for another round of favourites!


File:Circle (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

So I finished Circle: Two Worlds Connected earlier in July and all I have to say is WOW. It. Was. Amazing! I really don’t want to spoil anything, I’m afraid that if I say the littlest thing, then I might spoil it for someone. So all I’m gonna say is that you should watch this TvN drama and be prepared for the plot twists (P.S: all TvN dramas are good and you guys should check them out when you get the chance)

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April Favourites


I didn’t start any new dramas this month, I just continued watching those I started in March (mostly just Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms). I did however, start a show I’ve been hunting for since forever. It’s Called Potato Star 2013QR3, it’s super hilarious but it has its sad and serious moments. It stars Go Kyung-Po and at first that was the only reason I wanted watch it but as I watched, the other characters grew on me quickly. Potato Star has a lot more episode than your regular kdrama (120 to be exact) but the episodes are short so it shouldn’t take too long to finish if you do decide to watch it.

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March Favourites

In March, aside from kpop, I started and finished some Korean and Chinese dramas.


I started watching ‘Missing Nine’ and ‘Tomorrow With You’ late last month. I haven’t seen much episodes yet but these two dramas are looking amazing so far. The mystery and suspense of ‘Missing Nine’ has hooked me and I found the time travel aspect of ‘Tomorrow With You’ very intriguing.

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